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5 dimensions that prove coconut bowls are healthy

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I am Thofis, and in the last two years, with the worldwide emphasis on environmental protection, more and more wood products have become the first choice on people’s table. Today I’m going to analyze the coconut bowl among wood products, So that you can have a deeper understanding of coconut bowl.

using coconut bowl as tableware, is it healthy?

The answer is: YES.
It is very simple to judge whether something is healthy or not.
Raw material: pure natural coconut shell.
Craftsmanship: merely cut, sanded and polished, if coconut oil needs to be applied to protect the bowl.
It is 100% harmless.

However, I want to discuss with you from the five dimensions of human sensory perception, the coconut bowl to bring the human feeling, as a comprehensive interpretation of the coconut bowl is healthy.


Commonly used to serve food coconut bowl is usually a chestnut color, or dark kraft paper color. Belong to the warm color. People subconsciously believe that the kraft color is environmentally friendly, bringing a sense of comfort and peace of mind.

coconut bowl


Interestingly, when gently tapping the coconut bowl with your finger, it sounds like “thud”.
Gently scrape the edge of the bowl, there will be a “rustling” sound, very beautiful, very decompression.

coconut bowl
recycling, tableware and eco friendly concept – close up of coconut bowl with brown wooden spoon and fork on table


When I first picked up the coconut bowl, the first feeling is very light, compared to the same size of the glass bowl or ceramic bowl, coconut bowl is easy to carry, especially when the picnic must be the first choice. In addition, its surface is smooth and can not feel the tiny wooden thorns. It is not a complete regular circle because it is a natural coconut shell, where the Coconuten Logo is inspired. The last feeling it gives me is hardness. Although the coconut bowl is light, it is very hard and does not deform or break easily. After our test, it was thrown down 10 times from a height of 1m, 2m respectively, without producing breakage.

coconut bowl


Sitting next to heaps of coconut bowls, its smell is the fragrance of coconut, as you stand in the coconut grove, feel the natural taste, no doubt this is a wonderful experience.

coconut bowl
Coconut bowl with frangipani flower


Sorry it is not food, but to serve food, I have no way to taste it, it is suitable for containing fruit, nuts, snacks, ice cream, salads and so on.

coconut bowl
Smoothie bowl with mango and tropical fruits , chia seeds yogurt pudding and cranberries, nuts, oatmeal topping in coconut shells with spoon, top view. Healthy clean breakfast food. Summer vegan diet

In summary, the coconut bowl is healthy, it is an emerging, tough, portable, all-natural craft, and it deserves to be your choice at home, or in the wild.

In helping the world save energy and promote environmental policies, even the use of wood products to replace other products will reduce trees. However, the coconut bowl is not just a wooden craft, it is a “waste product” that should be discarded and turned into a useful product. It’s a win-win situation for both the producer and the consumer.

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