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How to make a personalized coconut smoothie bowl

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Recently exploded tiktok gourmet dessert coconut smoothie bowl, can be described as hot, has become the trendy products sought after by the major online celebrities! In fact, is by dragon fruit, mango, oatmeal and other fruits, nuts, plus milk shake smoothie improved. After the fermentation of time, in the need for the freshness of the beverage market fire! The taste is sweet and refreshing, not greasy, looks like a variety of colors, the taste of different fruits hit your taste buds, is a wonderful experience.

Can you make such a high value and delicious delicacy yourself, of course! I’m going to walk you through the process of making a coconut smoothie bowl. Healthy and nutritious, and you can customize your favorite flavors and fruits. At the same time, the results of your own hands will give you a sense of accomplishment, leisure time to make such a meal is also a kind of enjoyment, is not it?
We need to use the following main ingredients
A fresh coconut, if not you can buy coconut shells, coconut bowl, add coconut jelly, the same effect can be achieved, and coconut bowl can be used repeatedly, is a good choice.
Pudding (supermarkets or snack stores are available)
fruit (strawberries, blueberries, bananas, dragon fruit, mango, cranberry puree and other their favorite can be eaten), jacaranda or other nuts, oatmeal
Fruit knife, the family commonly used fruit peeler.

1.Prepare the pudding spare

Briefly explain the family practice of pudding: prepare eggs, milk, sugar. First, stir the egg mixture with chopsticks in the same direction to make some foam, then boil the milk for three minutes and let it cool. Pour the cooked milk into the egg mixture, stirring while pouring until it is all blended, and then add sugar to taste. Steam for about 5-10 minutes and refrigerate.

fresh fruit
dried fruit

2.Separate the coconut from the coconut shell

We use a fruit knife to poke two or three holes in the side of the coconut, prepare a container to hold the coconut juice poured out of the hole, put it in the refrigerator to drink after refrigeration, coconut juice is also a relief from the heat, then use a fruit knife to split the coconut in half, hint: first use a peeler to peel off the outer layer of fiber coconut shell to make it easier to split the coconut in half.
Use a fruit knife carefully along the edge of the coconut flesh body will be scraped out of the coconut meat inside, with a bowl for backup, you get a clean coconut shell, we choose half of the coconut shell as a serving container, very fresh, in this process, please pay attention to the careful use of tools, do not be too hasty and accidentally hurt themselves! You can also directly buy the production of coconut bowl, the coconut meat for coconut jelly can achieve the same effect, reducing the difficulty of hands and saving time.

process for making coconut bowl

3.Mix all the ingredients

Blueberry bowl: blueberry shake, with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, coconut flakes and other fruits on top, eat a bite to travel to Hawaii!
Mango bowl: mango slices and puree, so you can not feel the fiber of the mango, if you like you can choose to cut the mango.
Dragon fruit bowl: the red heart dragon fruit cut into large chunks, the freshness that comes to the surface, eat a bite can feel as if from Hawaii’s enthusiasm.
It must be said that after the coconut bowl is placed in a variety of cut fruit, and then according to personal preference to add a little smoothie taste is very layered! Hot weather when in addition to WIFI, air conditioning, of course, there is no shortage of smoothies. Finally, the coconut bowl sprinkled with some oats, coconut and other embellishments, not only increases the overall ornamental but also for the coconut smoothie bowl again to improve a level.

Coconut Smoothie Bowl

I hope this article can help you, if you need more interesting, useful sharing about coconut, please bookmark this site and forward to more people.

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