The benefits of coconut water and milk

coconut milk

consume alcohol fresh from the nut. As the Hawaiians state, coconut water is “dew from the heavens”.
With the presence of hypoglycemic and also hypotension-inducing substances such as calcium and also potassium, coconut water consists of potential wellness benefits needed for conquering common illness such as diabetic issues and also hypertension. Kinetin, the development hormone which helps cell repair and regeneration, is likewise presentin coconut water.

9 Benefits to Drinking Coconut Water

coconut water

ny grocery store or health food store. Coconut water contains more electrolytes than sports drinks so it will help you stay hydrated during physical activity or if you are experiencing fluid loss due to an illness.

How coconut waste is used


Palmariaceae, a well-known cash crop and landscape plant in tropical China. The soft coconut water contains high levels of vitamin b, vitamin c, minerals and 18 essential amino acids, ideal for cooling drinking water – the flesh of the coconut can be eaten raw. In addition, secondary processing can be carried out to make coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut and coconut paste. Coconut cultivation is mainly distributed within 20 sides of the equator and between 20 and 23.5 north and south latitudes. Coconut is currently grown in more than 90 countries around the world, with the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Malaysia being the main origins.

How many uses of coconut?

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For centuries, the coconut has been an important source of versatile food and uses. It provides food, drink, clothing and shelter, as well as income from its products. Because coconuts result in a year-round yield, they are easily available.
Coconut is a major source of food, oil, coconut water, and coconut milk. It has probably been used by humans for centuries. Today, it is a household name and increasingly a symbol of health and proximity to nature. Because of its health properties, the coconut does deserve what it has achieved now.

Technique and art in traditional wood carving

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Wood carving is a traditional Chinese, craft with a very long history, originating in the Neolithic period. As a type of sculpture, wood carving has a long history and a strong ethnic colour, with the craft characteristics of simple shapes, smooth cuts and clear lines. At the same time, as Chinese civilisation developed, traditional wood carving techniques evolved and progressed, presenting different artistic forms and cultural connotations in different periods, civilisations and dynasties, and gradually forming different styles and genres. Nowadays, with the continuous development of industrialisation, the art of wood carving is becoming increasingly difficult to preserve and pass on, and the urgency of inheritance and conservation has greatly increased. How to make traditional wood carving techniques a success, how to achieve the integration of traditional techniques with modern society, and how to explore new developments in the art of wood carving in the new era are all important issues worthy of consideration.

How to make perfect use of coconut shells

coconut shell

Imagine eating a coconut and drinking all the coconut juice, what would you do with the remaining coconut shells, burn them? Throw it away? Today we recommend several environmentally friendly ways to dispose of coconut shells, thus brightening up your life, not only saving money, but also making your life interesting.

5 things you need to know about caring for your coconut bowls

coconut bowl

As environmental awareness grows and more and more people choose wooden tableware, coconut bowls are appearing more and more frequently in people’s eyes because of their unique shape, versatility and 100% back-to-nature feel. Coconut bowls are widely used for serving nuts, rice, cold smoothies, fruit, accessories and more.

It has become an important matter if you use and protect the bowl properly.
Why it is important to take care of coconut bowls and how to scientifically keep them fresh.
Firstly, from a product point of view, it is necessary to take care of every item in your life. The usual habits will keep the coconut bowl healthy so that it does not affect people’s health. If not for human factors, coconut bowls can last a long time.

5 dimensions that prove coconut bowls are healthy

rice in coconut bowl.

I am Thofis, and in the last two years, with the worldwide emphasis on environmental protection, more and more wood products have become the first choice on people’s table. Today I’m going to analyze the coconut bowl among wood products, So that you can have a deeper understanding of coconut bowl.

using coconut bowl as tableware, is it healthy?

The answer is: YES.
It is very simple to judge whether something is healthy or not.
Raw material: pure natural coconut shell.
Craftsmanship: merely cut, sanded and polished, if coconut oil needs to be applied to protect the bowl.
It is 100% harmless.