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Become a coconut bowl expert, What you need.

vegetable and fruit

5 minutes to understand the status and problems of veganism

Many schools of Buddhism, including Indian Buddhism, Southwest Hinayana Buddhism, and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, have developed, and many of them do not completely prohibit non-vegetarian food. Taoism pursues “natural nature, respect for life and virtue”. The study of Western vegetarianism is based on the idea that animals have or should have moral status. There are Peter Singer’s animal liberation theory, Leopold’s earth ethics, Taylor’s biocentric ethics, Schweitzer’s reverence for life ethics, and Tom Regan’s animal rights theory. Later, the vegetarians Bohm, St. Thomas More, and Locke, and the anthropocentrists Penn, Leibniz, Hume, and Rousseau discussed the relationship between humans and animals from their own perspectives.

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coconut shell

How to make perfect use of coconut shells

Imagine eating a coconut and drinking all the coconut juice, what would you do with the remaining coconut shells, burn them? Throw it away? Today we recommend several environmentally friendly ways to dispose of coconut shells, thus brightening up your life, not only saving money, but also making your life interesting.

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coconut bowl

5 things you need to know about caring for your coconut bowls

As environmental awareness grows and more and more people choose wooden tableware, coconut bowls are appearing more and more frequently in people’s eyes because of their unique shape, versatility and 100% back-to-nature feel. Coconut bowls are widely used for serving nuts, rice, cold smoothies, fruit, accessories and more.

It has become an important matter if you use and protect the bowl properly.
Why it is important to take care of coconut bowls and how to scientifically keep them fresh.
Firstly, from a product point of view, it is necessary to take care of every item in your life. The usual habits will keep the coconut bowl healthy so that it does not affect people’s health. If not for human factors, coconut bowls can last a long time.

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rice in coconut bowl.

5 dimensions that prove coconut bowls are healthy

I am Thofis, and in the last two years, with the worldwide emphasis on environmental protection, more and more wood products have become the first choice on people’s table. Today I’m going to analyze the coconut bowl among wood products, So that you can have a deeper understanding of coconut bowl.

using coconut bowl as tableware, is it healthy?

The answer is: YES.
It is very simple to judge whether something is healthy or not.
Raw material: pure natural coconut shell.
Craftsmanship: merely cut, sanded and polished, if coconut oil needs to be applied to protect the bowl.
It is 100% harmless.

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The secret of coconut


Thofis Leon

Learn how to get more tips about coconut product production that I only share with my private newsletter subscribers.

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Learn how to get more tips about coconut products production that I only share with my private newsletter subscribers.

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